Prehistoric celebrates the controversial legacy of late-1970s Brisbane.

Set in the eleventh year of the Bjelke-Petersen administration, specifically around clashes between police and young people at independent music gigs, Prehistoric takes us to a time when Brisbane began to take the direction we’re on today.

Fewer Emergencies

We can edit, we can focus.

Why aren’t there fewer emergencies?

Rule of three


Trilogy: Now More Than Ever

We can’t see the beginning. We can’t predict the end.

Still, that’s never stopped us before.

Trilogy: As we mean to go on


Trilogy: After All This

What do we imagine might happen after we die? And how does this influence the way we live? Moving through several spaces, this promenade performance looks – from three very different points of view – at our shared dreams of ‘the undiscovered country’, and invites you to wonder what happens after all this is over.



A Tiny Chorus

Ralph has a story to tell. The only trouble is, he’s lost his voice; and Darren’s the only one who can help him find it.

Actually, that’s also the trouble.

Created and performed by Elbow Room’s Emily Tomlins in collaboration with Eryn-Jean Norvill, ‘a tiny chorus’ shows a very different side of the company. Heartfelt, humorous, and very nearly wordless, it…





Venus in Furs

“In Love, there is no equality.”

Born into wealth, Severin has the world at his fingertips, but no love to inspire him – until he encounters an artist greater than himself. Wanda’s canvas is the human soul; her tools are beauty, desire, and degradation; and Severin will become her slave, her patient, and her masterpiece.

In their first production, Elbow Room take a story that lodged its author’s name in the Western psyche, and cut it into a sparkling black diamond.